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“2009 China International Education Exhibition” and “the fall of 2009 the National Higher Education Equipment Exhibition “2009 9 to 11 November in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center the same time and hold. The meeting will last three days, from the nearly thousand international manufacturers at home and abroad, the industry’s leading enterprises throughout the country the country hundreds of colleges and universities in 28 provinces and cities to attend the event stakeholders. As the engine room and maintain the industry’s leaders, Wuhan Oh Easy Technology Co., Ltd. were also invited to exhibitors. 09 Xi’an High-cum Spring Church, Science and Technology, Wuhan Oh Yi room BOSS system was first introduced, it attracted wide attention of participants. After six months, through the market’s strict inspection and the continuous updating and improvement of their own, oh easy to carry room BOSS System technology in 09 new high-church Dongguan stunning debut in autumn, won the other exhibitors, major equipment procurement group and the management of institutions to alike. With Education Information In-depth development, computer room construction model has begun to show an obvious concentration trend, large room of the management objectives far beyond the “protection of machine malfunctions,” the basic requirements, room rational resource allocation and use of the data room to run statistics and decision-making, and Computer Test the quality of the teaching room management which have become an important issue. Since 2007, the Ministry of Education has started teaching quality projects, all colleges and universities for teaching quality concerns raised to unprecedented heights. However, how to improve the teaching quality of the computer experiment is always a lack of effective means. Easy Technology Co., Ltd. Wuhan Oh years focusing on computer lab maintenance and management of product development, and major universities in Cooperation Accumulated a wealth of experience, in-depth analysis of and demand for rooms on the basis of modern management, first proposed the “management of the teaching service to the idea of” making room for management to return to nature to improve the quality of teaching up. This idea has been participating in the show is widely recognized by all walks of life. Oh Yi room BOSS system is based on such a concept was developed, it is a set of computer experiments to improve the teaching quality products for the purpose of which is the focus of attention during the experimental class, the behavior of machine control, teaching aids and statistical analysis. In addition, O system is also easy to boss room rational allocation of resources, as well as room for operation and maintenance support to provide a comprehensive process of Solutions. Oh Yi room products because of their design concepts consistent with the national computer experimental demonstration center standards and requirements, the present computer experiment has been to a few national centers of excellence in providing the service, I believe Oh room BOSS system easy to use, can effectively improve the level of the building computer labs in order to better meet the requirements of experiment and demonstration center, ultimately promoting better teaching computer experiments improving the quality of teaching works for the state to contribute. Company: Wuhan Oh Easy Technology Co., Ltd. located in China Optical Valley, is a high-tech zone Technology Enterprise, the company defined as “the management and maintenance of computer security” industry, has received a number of computer Software Copyright, the number of core technologies applied for patent, which “difference copy technology”, “robot dog defense technology”, “buffer zone extending technology smart” applications, the technology of the computer room has played a revolutionary role in promoting, establishing new standard to protect the card. End user has over the country and Canada, Brazil, Chile, India, Pakistan, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions. “Every day, we are the first line in the engine room,” Oh, easy to understand the intimate room technology applications, IT operation and maintenance of high standing, fully integrated business process engine room, first proposed the room BOSS system (operational support system) concept. The system service teaching to enhance resource utilization for the purpose of room to improve efficiency and management level room as the core concept of management of the school room by the protection card, the computer room of the times into the reform era of business operations. “Dedicated, professional, service, win-win” is our business philosophy. Oh easy to focus on computer security technology to manage and maintain, as the school room to maintain industry leadership, we will continue to outdo themselves, work partners, heart services, and create win-win!

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