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Who is Nexgen Software and why does Fibonacci Work So Well?

John Novak of Nexgen Software Services Discusses how Fibonacci analysis is done and how we teach traders to use this tool to make money. Today I will show you how to give a price estimate on a residential lawn. Estimating a yard is easy. First we measure the dimensions. This estimate also includes weedeating. So, I will measure the perimeter of the property to tell me how much weeding I will have to do. Something else to keep in mind when you are estimating are obstacles in the yard. This family has a trampoline. Every single time we come out here, we are going to have to move that trampoline. That is going to add 5 minutes to your estimated time. So, be sure to include it in your calculations. Also, this family has a dog. As you and I both know, dogs leave messes in the yard. Account for that, too, with the difficulty index. Figuring a price quote is easy with the estimating calculator. First you enter your hourly rate. Many lawn care companies use per hour as a base rate. Your rate may be higher or lower depending on your part of the country. With a 48″ commercial walkbehind lawn mower, I can mow at about 1200 square feet per minute. That number is generated with the productivity calculator available from The job size for the lawn in the video is 9640 square feet. The difficulty modifier is 55 because the family owns a dog. Already, the estimating calculator has told us that it will take about 8 minutes of mowing time. There are other things to consider. Trimming minutes I measured the perimeter to see how many feet

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