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Electricity Brain What? Initially, in the eyes of many people, the computer is the host and Monitor Combination, not the host, or do not display very difficult to be considered is the computer. Notebook The emergence of the computer the first blow to this understanding, then released in the thin client, One machine The further the water down the people of this traditional concept of the computer. Global Monitor Leader in the field of LG Is presented in the first year, “no host” concept. As innovative people sharing Computer Solutions, LG Hui Hui joint display group together mainly by the display, program cards, SFTP line form, you can achieve 5 sets, 10 or even 30 monitors to share one Taiwan Power Company Brain host, breaking the long-standing in the eyes of a user Computer Host can only configure one monitor understanding. For new applications Technology Education industry has dared to take the lead in the user attempts to improve teaching efficiency and improve information technology in schools. Recently, southern Sichuan Province, Nanchong City, three on the first application of the latest LG technology Hui joint display group for the daily teaching. Here, we combine Education Information Some of the practical needs of the construction of LG-hui described in which the joint display group role. Customers directly reduce the initial purchase cost of education With the rapid development of information technology in education, many schools have established Multimedia Classroom . In size, some have specific uses PC multimedia classroom size of less, usually about 30 units, and some classes to open a large-scale multi-media classrooms will be larger, up to 100. For multi-media classrooms of different sizes, LG Hui joint display group can provide a targeted solution. Some smaller-scale multi-media classrooms, LGN Series Hui joint display group is appropriate. PCI slot directly connected through the use of mainframe computer the way, each host computer can connect up to the N series Hui Union monitors up to 11 users. A 30-seat multimedia classroom, for example, only need to use three hosts and 30 LG Hui Union monitors will be able to set up multimedia classrooms ready for the hardware foundation. Together with the corresponding Software Support, a multi-media will soon be established and put into operation. Have hundreds of seats for the relatively large size of the multimedia classroom, in addition to LGN series mainframe computer connected directly to choose the way outside, LG Hui joint display group also provides another connection with the mainframe computer By: wireless connection. PCI slot without the need for the host computer is connected, LGN Plus Series can be Wireless Network Way connected with the host, so that each host can be connected to 30 monitors users greater flexibility. From the above description, we can see, the LG group can hui together to achieve shared more than a computer monitor host, in the process of formation of multi-media classroom can be purchased in large part to reduce the number of mainframe computer, that is, computer hardware directly reduce the total initial purchase cost. Such as the original need 60 computers (including the host and display) the purchase, are only 6 computers and 60 monitors can be solved in conjunction LG Hui, consequently reducing the purchase of 54 other computer mainframe. At the same time, the number of host computers also means less compression process in the application of the corresponding electricity, maintenance costs, thereby reducing the overall use of the cost. Effectively enhance the efficiency of multimedia teaching In teaching, especially in the application of multimedia teaching, every student has its own mainframe computer, the teacher is often difficult to confirm the situation of students and their online behavior of effective supervision. In practice, as a multi-user solution, all Hui joint display by a host control. Installed by LG available free of charge italc software, teachers can monitor students in the main display in the classroom every move, even simple control students Mouse , Keyboard , Picture, etc., so that the students are visiting the website or learning conditions in real time confirmation. Application of LG’s display group can hui together to solve this problem effectively, the process can be accurately identified teaching students the use of computers to enhance student learning. In security, LG Hui joint display group also has a good performance, can cut off the student computer USB or CD-Rom use, complete control of an external invasion of the virus, and repair are relatively simple, can be fundamentally Removal of viruses or malicious code on the invasion of the central Server All the factors. Distributed software resources on the status of real-time control, you can easily and efficiently manage assets and costs, and ultimately for the students to create a safe and comfortable learning environment. Teachers, the need to understand too much technical but also realize the wisdom in conjunction LG display easily control group, to better achieve the management of teaching. In addition, the environment can be achieved through the use of multimedia ICT practical teaching, and teachers, set-top procedures, independent of the illegal and harmful information and education to prevent, to form a sound education Network Culture. Way compared to traditional computer applications, to promote “no host” the application of LG Hui joint show the purchase cost of the product groups and help teachers to enhance teaching effectiveness and so have a great advantage. Accelerating the construction of information society of today, for the education industry, also hopes to accelerate the comprehensive information technology to promote education, to promote the improvement of teaching effectiveness. As the innovative multi-user solution, LG Hui joint display group will no doubt help all-round education, information, education, user information as an important participant in the construction.

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