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Now has become a multimedia teaching Education Demonstrate an essential way the same time, major domestic institutions have also established a basic multimedia classrooms, but there are some people confused about this concept, modern multi-media teaching refers to the process of teaching and teaching according to the teaching objectives targets, through instructional design, rational selection and use of modern teaching media, and the organic combination with traditional teaching methods, to participate in the whole process of teaching, the role of information in various media to students, and teaching the process of forming a rational structure, optimized teaching effectiveness. Multimedia can be teacher-led, by projection, video, slide, show such kind of teaching aids can also be used Multimedia Teaching, or even distance learning via the network. Through a variety of media, sound, light, shadow means the use, can break the existing limitations of traditional classroom teaching, to some extent has increased the quality of classroom teaching and teaching role. Modern multimedia interactive, hypermedia structure, information is organized, can easily achieve human-computer interaction. In other words, people can follow their own habits of mind, according to their own will take the initiative to select and receive information, view the contents of the development path. Intelligence provides the easy to operate, a sub-Bu-friendly interface, so that Computer More intuitive, easier, more intimate, more human. Easy scalability can be easily mounted with a variety of external devices, for data exchange, monitoring, control and other functions. In addition, the use of Digital Information to effectively solve the data transmission process in dealing with distortion. Present the ideal image of multimedia teaching tools to demonstrate the best course Projector Today I will here introduce several products for the midrange projections of education of educational groups to reference. BenQ MP771 BenQ MP771 is a research and development for the education industry and the products short focal Technology The DLP projector, the product easy to use, full-featured, 3000 lumen brightness and 2000:1 contrast ratio allowed to use in small conference rooms occupy a lot of advantages. Especially with the educational environment tailored specifically for the short focal Shot Ultra wide-angle lens design even short distances can also be a 100-inch projection screen. BenQ MP771 black piano paint with Interdependent design, with leather as decoration, wild, stylish, rich stream line the whole body feeling generous look beautiful. BENQ MP711 overall size of 388x275x131mm, weight 3.7kg, portability and capacity. BenQ MP771 Projector is the first DLP technology using ultra-short focus projectors, 3000 lumens of brightness and 2000:1 contrast ratio allowed to use in small conference rooms occupy a lot of advantages. In addition, the BenQ MP771 menu feature rich, providing dynamic, presentation, sRGB, Cinema, User 1, user 2 of a total of six preset picture modes. It also features automatic real-time keystone correction, one-click intelligent regulation, presentation timing, power protection, direct power boot, enlarged, still images, hidden screen aspect ratio switching, high-altitude mode, energy saving light bulb mode practical function. Interfaces, the Benq MP771 has a RS-232C control interface, can be achieved with the control devices. With MONITOROUT interface, to add a projector or monitor for the expansion of the video. With 12VOUT terminal can be used to access electric screen. With USB interface, can be used to implement remote control mouse function.

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