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To become a parent is the dream of every normal human being. The time one becomes a parent, he/she along with his/her partner get ready to shoulder a much greater responsibility of one’s lifetime. Most new parents are advised by their relatives, friends and others on parenting and what to do and not to do. Parenting is a learning experience. The answer to what is perfect parenting cannot be reached, because of lots of problem and different problems involved in it. There may not be perfect parents but you can be a better parent by using appropriate skills of parenting in relation to your child.

As mentioned earlier, parenting is a learning experience, it is necessary to learn from our own mistakes. Parents try something on their children expecting positive results but it goes wrong, Never mind, we got to understand that the adopted method was wrong and something different has to be done. And if the other one works in a positive way, then it can be continued. This can also be described as trial and error, which is very funny than anything else which is a fine way of acquiring parenting skills and is assumed that every parent goes through this phase of learning.

Parenting skills also come to us through our life history, by remembering how we were brought up by our parents, how they loved, cared for us, how did they shared their affection, etc. which could be useful in showing the same care for our children too. One can gain additional skills from other parents who have better experience and use their advice and skills in parenting to your children. This would better the parenting skills.

Apart from getting information through parents, friends and other experiments, it is becoming common for parents to attend workshops, classes to know more about parenting so that they could better understand the way parents should behave at every stage with children. It is necessary that parents should be ready to answer every question posed by their children and should also be ready to punish their children when they are doing something wrong.

There are lots of books and articles on parenting skills in order to help the parent people who want to know more about parenting and how to use those skills in day to day life with their children. When people become parents, they remain parent forever. There is no end to it. Therefore it is necessary that parents understand the mindset of children of every stage, be it toddler, kindergarten, teenaged, or adult. The parent is the one who takes care of children when he is toddler, when growing up, the parenting level should also be updated with necessary skills so that parents can tackle the unnecessary situation by proper discussion and talks. At times parent need to be authoritative, permissive, and democratic, so that child is brought up in a proper way.

Parents learn skills in some way or the other, but to utilize them in day to day life is the important part of parenting. Parenting is like managing a company with employees who are cute, loving and violent and yet the parent has to run the organization successfully. Parenting is good job, though unpaid, but nice!

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