Nokia Bets on Reference in the Future

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September 9,, nokia announced that, for the August 24 of the Symbian operating system release updated to carry, Belle is the system of intelligent mobile phone can have mobile office ability.

This ability, is the provider of Microsoft.

Word in Symbian

Microsoft Apps will as a free application for compatible nokia smart phones provide office suite, and the series of comprehensive upgrade existing security and Symbian Belle management ability, and that is not in need of extra hardware support.

According to information, Microsoft Apps will be in the fourth quarter for the first time to update, in early 2012, Symbian user experience will be updated content.

Microsoft Apps will offer applications including Symbian Belle with instant messaging, conference and speech function of the unified communications client Microsoft Lync 2010 Mobile, Microsoft OneNote notepad application, PowerPoint forenglish Microsoft PowerPoint application be sensed and Document application Document Microsoft SharePoint provide Microsoft access (Connection).

In addition, Microsoft Apps will be in the first half of 2012, the first upgrade Windows platform to realize outside Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint in the application of the mobile platform. Nokia also is working with Microsoft cooperation through the Microsoft 2012 system center set management for Symbian Belle provide mobile terminal management.

Microsoft’s market and senior director PatFox strategy, said Microsoft Apps will help nokia Symbian users and Microsoft office applications and services maintained between the more closely linked, that mobile people to work anywhere at any time to ensure that don’t be interrupted.

However, industry insiders is that this product has little effect on the user.

A engaged in application development staff, told reporters that Microsoft will run on Symbian and its business strategy Word, should be about. “Unless the nokia and Microsoft on the cooperation and some no open information, otherwise how Microsoft seize a nokia himself abandoned its platform?”

Analysys international SunPeiLin analysts think Symbian in nokia’s planning of the main ZhongDiDuan market, and this is part of the needs of the user and the Word is not big.

To this, chief analyst at Cripps think Tony Ovum, after nokia and Microsoft have in order to improve the nokia smart phones and Microsoft Office products cooperate the compatibility of a cooperation can only say that the overall strategic cooperation further extensions.

As for nokia, still need in reference before with Symbian, popularization to cover a lot of ZhongDiDuan users, until it can completely successfully transferred to the reference. Therefore, in order to meet the demand of the market, nokia Symbian platform for still to invest.

SunPeiLin said, see, short period of Symbian is still nokia’s survival system. “Nokia not go the positioning of the user, so sure is to cover most users.”

Microsoft awarded nokia “privilege”

Meanwhile, nokia is massive cut its Symbian’s research and development team. Before this year, although nokia DuoCi layoffs, and but did not involve China. However, now this also spread into China.

According to information, the Chinese researchers have most were transferred to the consulting company accenture. This means that, in the nokia and Microsoft after a strategic cooperation, from the last block nokia.

SunPeiLin told reporters: “at the present, no matter be dissolved or give up MeeGo Symbian r&d, show that the future is all right…….” reference bets

It has also been Microsoft confirmed. Earlier this year, nokia CEO Stephen YiLuoPu has publicly said, nokia in a series of evaluation, finally choosing reference, because it can provides consumers with the more the abundance of choice.

He said the MeeGo and Symbian, abandon the reason is on its own capacity building ecological system cost high; Refuse to Android reason is because of the market share is constantly improve, nokia think Android mobile platform to the commercialization of high risk, Google from partners get profits.

Gartner offer of a about global communication equipment operating system market share data show that by the end of 2011 to April, the market share of Symbian is 34.0%, Android is 31.4%, while the third cisco iOS is only 16.9%. Can see from this, before both differ not to one. Gartner forecasts, 2015 Android market share will reach 49.2%, and Symbian will would come down to almost zero.

After Google acquisition MOTOROLA news, make nokia top think better of cooperation with Microsoft, the industry also guess whether Microsoft will also in Google’s acquisition, and step nokia.

However, in recent YiLuoPu to media denied the rumours, he claimed that nokia will “independent” operation.

He said that Microsoft and nokia relationship is unique because Microsoft permission can be fully use the nokia reference source code, this is other and Microsoft cooperation enterprise had not enjoyed privilege. In addition, Microsoft will also share some important for nokia services and technology, and to help them carrying the nokia mobile phones and other reference reference equipment difference between open.

It is reported, nokia mobile phones will launch nokia reference map Maps service, Microsoft will should search engine, etc. Just before a strategy and nokia financial conditions about the meeting, the two sides will be in the information service, social network geographical position, electronic business cooperation, etc.

At present, and cut back researchers different is, nokia in China is a continuous named in the reference system research and development personnel.

Link: about Windows 8

September 14,, Microsoft CEO Steve ballmer in developers conference, said Microsoft’s core operating system is transformed into a cloud operating system, support the desktop and mobile phones and other various forms and sizes of the equipment. And this all the changes will be around Windows 8 launch, this system will integrate cloud computing services.

Foreign media reports say, ballmer held a few days ago financial analysts conference say sales of smart phones, reference and did not reach the goal. He thinks, at present the reference need to set up as soon as possible a very powerful ecological system, and the upcoming release of nokia smartphone product will be to reference reference influence.

In addition, Windows 8 also will further increase the WP7 function of the development.

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