Facebook Parenting: Shooting Laptop for Charity

Hey again all. It’s Tommy Jordan. Most of you by now have seen my non-intentional viral video ( I’m hoping this will be a little more intentionally successful, and will help out a good cause. So, we’re gonna do this ONE MORE TIME, since so many of you asked. No one is in trouble and no children are traumatized as a by-product of this video so you can take DSS off your speed dial buttons! What’s the Deal: Well, after about forty thousand comments asking me to shoot another laptop, I came up with an idea that would benefit charity and appease those people at the same time! I’ve taken one of my own laptops, my old work laptop, shot it chock-full-o-holes, autographed it, and we’re going to auction it on eBay. Fifty percent of the proceeds go to charity, but this time it’s the charity of choice for whomever the winner is. Why Not The MDA? Well, I support the MDA as much as I can, but their legal department has this thing about handguns and blowing stuff up that they feel doesn’t set a good example for the kind of thing they can officially get behind. I totally understand that! Besides, otherwise they’re inspiring people to go on YouTube and blow stuff up and… wait, that’s what I’m doing… (insert change of subject here) So, how it works: You can check out the eBay ad for full details. There’s no sense in writing it twice, so I’ll let you read it there. The ad is viewable at: What happens to the other half of the money? Yeah, I KNOW someone’s
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