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?? Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Information Network Zhang Jun, director of construction and procurement of multimedia classrooms

Lead: In recent years, the school gradually increased in modern educational facilities construction, the development of advanced campus network construction and use of multimedia classrooms. In this process, the school through advanced teaching equipment to improve the modernization of education, business school market through his own development to promote education related to the procurement of a teaching department and an important link between enterprises. How will the needs of schools and businesses to develop effective to meet up. Schools and education products for each company are doing a topic of concern. We have specially invited Beijing University of Posts and Information Network Center of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Jun-director of network media to introduce the construction of classrooms, use and procurement.

Network Information Center, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, director Zhang JunBuilding articles: HC Network: Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications is the first multi-media classroom building and have the most complete one of the configuration of the university, and now Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications of the multimedia teaching building like? For the construction of multimedia classrooms what their feelings and experiences?

Zhang Jun: Beijing University of Posts and multimedia classrooms are built from 97 onwards, the first built six multimedia classrooms. Because earlier, when the multimedia classroom configuration is relatively simple, is the stand-alone multi-media classrooms. After from 97 years, we began to build until now, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Division a total of 88 sets of schools, classroom, campus, 33 set. Since 2001, we began to establish networks of multimedia classrooms. The first building of 29. This web-based multimedia teachers include a central control room, remote control multi-media classrooms. In the branch campus, starting in 2006 build a build 33 units, is also based on the network.

Our multimedia classroom building features five basic requirements: First, the remote control: the control room to the classroom multimedia equipment, remote control, that equipment, switches, remote computer over the classroom. Second, video surveillance functions: the control room through video surveillance of all multi-media classroom situation; 3, between the classroom broadcast / multicast functionality: multi-media classrooms in these 29 Select 4 speaker classrooms require real-time images of the classroom speaker broadcast or multicast to the other multi-media classrooms, theory, should all the multimedia classroom can be broadcast with each other. To save money, we have chosen four speakers to do the classroom; 4, teaching live storage, on-demand features: Speaker classroom teaching, can live for storage, converted to accommodate streaming video courseware and teaching program production requirements. 5, multimedia classrooms and in the control room intercom function between the IP: All multimedia classrooms and the control room should have IP phone intercom, what the problem directly through IP phone contact with the central control room.

HC Network: Campus network is a network based on multi-media classroom building. Now, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications of the campus network can be divided into which a few, building what?

Zhang Jun: Our campus network is a unified, the whole network. Of course, the multimedia classroom building on campus may be some requirements, such as the multimedia classroom designated as a separate network segment, so it’s communication efficiency, but the problem is real or part of the campus network. I started building the first school is the country’s university campus network, CERNET is also one of the top ten master nodes, many universities are now connected to the Internet by Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, including the Beijing Normal University, Beihang University, University of Political Science, Central Finance, etc. large.

Use articles: HC Network: Use of a teaching device to reflect the true modernization of the campus, and if products purchased idle, is the school is a waste, now Beijing University of Posts and how the use of multimedia classroom like? Existing multimedia classroom teaching can meet your request?

Zhang Jun: At present the school’s usage of the multimedia classroom. At the beginning, some teachers not used to, but a reflection of multimedia classroom teachers are good, especially the young teacher on the computer and these devices are better grasp of these devices is also very easy to use, illustrated. Of course, the use of multimedia classroom also have some different views, that the teaching of science and engineering need to do some derivation, the process of derivation is a process of thinking, if hit by projection on the screen all at once, may not be good students to think. But as long as our teachers to the appropriate use of multimedia, multi-media classroom teaching is certainly the direction of the future.

Now the number of multimedia classrooms in schools is not enough capacity utilization is very high. Schools will use the time basically divided into three units, morning, afternoon, evening and equipment are frequently used, equipment wear and tear is very large. Now, multi-media classrooms of our school now has more than 120 of the. Equipment more, the configuration is relatively complete. But in order to adapt to the teaching needs of the future we will continue the construction of multimedia classrooms.

HC Network: A multimedia classroom, about how much input?

Zhang Jun: Now the multimedia classroom construction costs and initial poor compared to more than an initial offer of 100 000 of a classroom, now cheaper, and 5,6 million units can be installed for money. A simple multi-media classrooms, only computers, projectors, only 30,000 on it. Although the one-time investment is not large, but relatively high cost of maintaining them. Particularly universities such as Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, equipment utilization is high, so late fees are also high. Example, on the more expensive projector bulbs, a bulb 4, 1000 original, and now also have 2 more than 1000 low. Our use of school equipment such, only this one’s consumption will be enormous.

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