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Article by Mary Loewen

If you go for a job interview prepared in the manner that most people are prepared for parenthood when they start with their family, you would probably never find a job. Parenting is one of the toughest jobs anyone every may have. Observing their parents and doing reading, mostly in magazines, are the primary training that people have for this solemn task.Some limited courses in parenting are available through high schools and colleges. To give scholars an idea of what it takes to care for a baby, they let the students carry around an egg for several days. However, caring for an infant child involves much more than just preventing the exterior from suffering any damage. Nurturing the emotional and spiritual needs of the child takes far more effort than catering for the basic needs for staying alive.

One of the primary tips for parenting is to keep your cool and not to panic. It is actually a surprisingly practical parenting tip. Children model their parents and they respond in kind to the environment that surrounds them. A calm and peaceful parent will induce calm and peacefulness with the child.

For the new parent, the advice and help of a more experienced parent is always invaluable. One can get some of the best parenting tips from your grandmother, if you are so blessed to still have your grandmother with you. New parents need to be ready to accept this help. If the grandparents are not available, other support can be found from a neighbor or perhaps an older person in ones church. There are hospitals that provide lists of people who are willing to act as volunteer “grandparents” that will help new parents.

Parenting Tips for the Future

One of the most important things to realize as a new parent is that your child is not going to be perfect in its behavior. The child is a human being who is going to make mistakes. The role of the parent is to guide the child to avoid dangerous mistakes, and to learn from their other benign mistakes. This commences with teaching a child the stove is hot and continues into their adulthood with career and family decisions. It is in the nature of small children, after being told that the stove is hot, to reach up and touch it. As a parent, be ready with cold water for the burn and then reinforce the teaching.

Natural responses from the child should never be met with rebuke. A parent just needs to begin to teach the child that a parent has instruction which is valid for life. Good instruction early one during a child’s life, in a manner that instills respect for the parent, just might be helpful in later years when the parent warns against more dangerous things such as drugs, alcohol, and premarital sex. No one enjoys burning a hand and the child will want to prevent further pain.

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